Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6th, 2015

'the likes of peter pan & scarecrow & some sleep, no snore'

misty watercolor depletion 

secretes & pores in all directions twisted colorado deletion 
what secrets pour in, with alterations
each person losing turns
a drop stance swoon, 
such loss battered blank moisture felt from Oregon ferns
a torn dance droop, 
strewn 'cross a tattered bank
dissipate hazy confliction fiction's friction wavy, 
Saturn's distant a brave noon, curled 
such a grave unfurled radiohead mixed with television toes beat drops dangled, 
tones sprouting to a close
yet fascist fashion implodes
what candid snapshot
in a broken meadow 
among ball cap trapitalism
a tender prism 
school board schism 
mends the middle row<filter> hanker to sniff the cankered shift throw caution to the wind/wind 
down the minor fifth majorly tangled c(h)ord 
abrasive fragments pluck forlorn angles of brass playing angels i've rags and cats for such luck deranged & strange 
sullen souls rearranged an orange is that pulpy color a banana once called a green/yellow gathered berries 
bury father in feathers or further down near urther's clown modern life peels 
away mother's frown never lingering, 
with potatoes fingerling each movement reaches 
save for sandy peaches
inching toward nirvana 
feeds this delicately darkened drama lengthened hair 
autumn burnt 
red tint yearning,
this tilted spectrum of masked pain but what's in a name mainly pictures, a video viewed river chalk bleeding wary mice shiver, pleading danvers canvas 
duncans metronome lady lungs, drowning 
nose rouge bound by wax figures 
whitest ghosts unspoken carbon fitting nitrogen knitting
decomposed til we shall ne'er face to face embrace what's between each line & space

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