Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5th, 2015

'horse hooves beckoned to beacon hill'

they dined here, shutters drawn
heavy drips of bitterness gone

their hallway walls, a coffee black, 
waves of sneeze-coughs echoing back,
hallway doors, their fuzz capped hinges
sleeves to flapping, yet quietly singed
fridge to its melting 
as sank the kitchen sink 
all the while, with onion pearls 
it strangled the docent's shrink

coat of arms or pant of legs
motes round barns & aunts round kegs
sober sobs quite somber, inviting
the addict unbuckled the kite from the siding
ever present a gift unwrapped
ravens typed in patterns, trapped
syndromes compiled as leaks wheeze to rust
blanketing pastures with pine scented dust

heaviest sorrow be lifted by stares
stays to give way for its passing in pairs

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